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Shandong Unovet Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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About Us
Unovet is a G M P certificated manufacturer for animal drugs and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of P R C certificated No 2019 GMP 15051 the certificated scope are Powder Pulvis Premix Terminally Sterilized Small Volume Injection Terminally Sterilized Large Volume Non Intravenous Injection Non Chlorine Disinfectant Liquid Unovet manufactures and distributes a wide range of animal health products disinfectants anti infective parasitical vitamins growth promoters anti inflammatory analgesics feed additives and antioxidants etc

Categories and Products

Water injection Injection Veterinary Medicine for Farm Animals

Veterinary Disinfectant for Farm Animals Intensive animal husbandry

Veterinary Oral Solution

Veterinary Soluble Powder

Premix Veterinary Medicine

Tablet Veterinary Medicine

Antiparasitic Drugs

Macrolides For Animal Use Veterinary

Veterinary Drug Preparation For Cattle

Veterinary Drug Preparation For Poultry

Veterinary Drug Preparation For Pets

Veterinary Drug Preparation For BIRDS

Veterinary Drug PreparationFor Horses

Veterinary Drug Preparation For Pigs

Veterinary Drug Preparation For Sheep

Veterinary Drug Preparation For Camel

Treatment of Mycoplasma Diseases

Treatment of bacterial diseases

Treatment Of Spirochetosis Diseases Veterinary Drugs

Anti coccidiosis

Gastrointestinal Tract Infection

Respiratory Tract Infection


Calf Diarrhea



Empyema Of Uterus

Skin Infection

Soft Tissue Infection

Sterile Powder For Injection For Animal Drugs

Products Keywords
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meMultiple Neuritis VBIncrease Muscle FowlB Vitamin DeficiencyOral Liquid For PigsRabbit Fever Oxytetrapovidone-iodine viruspovidone-iodine sprayOral Liquid For SheepOral Liquid For BirdsVitamin Oral Solution5% Flunixin MeglumineAnimal use antibioticParrot Fever Oxytetranuflor dose for sheepAntibiotics For Camelveterinary drug indexVitamin 50% InjectionOral Liquid For Cameldogs cats carsicknessNorfloxacin Nicotinicdoxycycline invitrogenAntibiotics For HorsesAcari Canis IvermectinOral Liquid For HorsesRoundworm Like Disease2 Ivermectin InjectionPrevent Nasal BleedingAntibiotics For CattleDoxycycline Hcl PowderOral Liquid For Cattle20% Apramycin SulphateGram Positive BacteriaVeterinary antibioticsSupport Overall HealthMotor System InfectionIncrease Immunity FowlDigestive Disorders VBVB Digestive Disordersk-brovet oral solutionoxytetracycline dosageflorfenicol antagonismVitamin B Oral SolutionVeterinary Raw MaterialTylosin 2 Injection 20%veterinary product listUrinary Tract InfectionVitamin Promote GrowingGMP Certificate TylosinSuction Tract InfectionNutrition for Red CrownDoxycycline HCL for Vet10% Oxytetracycline HCLOxytetracycline HCl 20%Lincomycin HCL for PigsScabies Mite IvermectinNutrition for FatteningC.coli tylosin injectionveterinary medicine listDiclazuril Oral SolutionVeterinary Oral Solutionoxytetracycline for dogspovidone iodine ointmentFever Flunixin MegluminePenicillin For Injectionciprofloxacin suspensionAcute Bronchitis in Dogs10% Gentamycin InjectionMultivitamin Premix FeedVeterinary Raw Materialsdoxycycline hyclate msdsMultivitamin for Poultrymycoplasma infection petsOxytetracycline InjectionFlorfenicol for InjectionPlague Oxytetra Injectionivermectin for dogs fleasNutrition for Sheep Goats20% Norfloxacin Nicotinicveterinary injection listInjection for farm animalInjection 10% FlorfenicolAntibiotics Linomycin HCLVeterinary drug for camlsLevaminsole Oral SolutionDiclazuril for VeterinaryAmoxicillin Injection 10%Florfenicol Injection 30%50ml Ivermectin InjectionNutrition for Yellow Clawdoxycycline hyclate sigmaCandida Tylosin InjectionM Bovis Tylosin Injectionpovidone-iodine vs iodineTylosin Tartrate for VetsVeterinary Soluble Powderpovidone iodine mouthwashLice Ivermectin InjectionEimeria Tylosin InjectionAnimal Use OxytetracyclineAntibacterials for animalsVet Drug Ivermectin TabletInjection Drugs For Animalivermectin for dogs dosageanimal health disinfectantdisinfection of equipmentsOxytetracycline & FlunixinVitamin Nutrients For PetsNutrition for Poultry Fowlchloramphenicol veterinaryTylosin Tartrate InjectionFeed Additive Multivitamin100 Ml Vitamin E Injection10% Enrofloxacin InjectionVeterinary Soluble PowdersCholera Oxytetra Injectionoxytetracycline for cattleFlunixin Meglumine AnimnalClosantel Sodium InjectionAnimal Vitamin E InjectionEnrofloxacin 10% InjectionOxytetracycline HCL PowderEnrofloxacin Oral SolutionAnimal Medicine GentamicinTablet Veterinary Medicine15% Injectable AmoxicillinAnimals Amoxicillin PowderSensitive Bacteria in DogsIntestinal Tract Infectionciprofloxacin syrup brandsAmoxicillin Soluble PowderVet Toltrazuril SuspensionPremix Veterinary MedicineVet Albendazole SuspensionTylosin 20% Soluble PowderVeterinary Oxytetracycline30% Injectable FlorfenicolVitamin Nutrients For Sheepdoxycycline hyclate solventVeterinary Vitamin C PowderCiprofloxacin Oral Solutionflorfenicol and pseudomonasUrinary Tract Infection OTCivermectin tablets for dogsB Vitamin Multiple NeuritisIvermectin Pour On SolutionBiliary Tract Infection OTCpovidone-iodine vs betadineStimulates Appetite AnimalsTrachoma Oxytetra Injectionveterinary drugs for cattleveterinary medicine companyEimeria skrjabini of rabbitVet Drug Florfenicol PremixGranuloma of Groin Oxytetra1% Diclazuril Oral SolutionVitamin Nutrients For Birds100ml Florfenicol InjectionOxytetracycline for AnimalsGoats Enrofloxacin 10% OralEnrofloxacin 10% InjectableVitamin AD3E Injection UsesToltrazuril Suspension 2.5%Diclazuril 1% Oral SolutionVitamin E Injection for VetRespiratory Tract InfectionAlbendazole Suspension 2.5%veterinary antibiotics listSheep Enrofloxacin 10% OralSwine Enrofloxacin 10% Oral10ml 10 Ivermectin InjectionLevamisole Tablet For Animal5% Oxytetracycline InjectionInjectable Dosage IvermectinOxytetracycline HCL for VetsOxytetracycline Injection 5%Drugs For Bacterial DiseasesIvermectin for Animal Use 1%0.2% Dexamethasone InjectionAnimal Amoxicillin InjectionAntibiotic Tablets For BirdsVeterinary Ivermectin TabletPovidone Iodine DisinfectantCephalosporins For InjectionCiprofloxacin Lactate Powder50% Apramycin Sulfate Powdercipro oral suspension dosagedoxycycline powder for birdsWater Soluble Powder Vitaminanaerobic bacteria infectionpovidone iodine side effectsHigh Quality Doxycycline HCLLeprosy Stomatitis and So onbest veterinary disinfectant45% Tiamulin Fumarate PowderRescue of Acute PancreatitisInternal Bleeding EtamsylateCiprofloxacin for Animal UseCalves Enrofloxacin 10% Oral100ml Albendazole SuspensionIvermectin Tablet for AnimalE Coli Enrofloxacin 10% OralMaggots Ivermectin InjectionChlamydia Infection OxytetraVet Use Kitasamycin Tartratewhere can i buy terra-vet 10veterinary medicine in indiaRickettsial Disease Oxytetraciprofloxacin oral suspensionAntibiotic Injection For PetsInjection For Draught Animalsgermicides in breeding periodtetracycline and erythromycin50% Vitamin Injection for VetAntibiotic Injection For Pigs5% Closantel Sodium InjectionHookworm Infection Ivermectinveterinary disinfectant chartis florfenicol used in humansveterinary disinfectant sprayVitamin AD3E Injection Dosagewhat disinfectant do vets useVeterinary Florfenicol PremixInjection Veterinary Medicine10% Levaminsole Oral Solutiondoxycycline powder for horsesClosantel Sodium 5% Injection10% Oxytetracycline Injectionoxytetracycline hydrochloridedoxycycline powder for humans30% Oxytetracycline InjectionPoultry Enrofloxacin 10% Oral5% Tylosin Tartrate Injection10% API Levamisole HCL PowderPasteurella tylosin injectionApramycin Sulfate for Vet Use5% Injectable OxytetracyclineOxytetracycline Hcl InjectionHemostatics Surgical BleedingCiprofloxacin Lactate for PigFlorfenicol Premix for AnimalApramycin Sulphate for AnimalInflammatory Disease Flunixindisinfection of public placesAnimals Use Tylosin InjectionAmoxicillin Powder for AnimalIvermectin Injection for PigsLevamisole HCL Soluble PowderOxytetracycline Injection 20%20% Oxytetracycline InjectionChlamydia Tylosin DoxycyclineVet Use Ciprofloxacin Lactate5% Diclofenac Sodium InjectionDiclofenac Sodium Injection 5%50% Oxytetracycline HCL Powder70% Amoxicillin Soluble Powder20% Amoxicillin Soluble PowderSecondary Bacterial InfectionsBrucellosis Oxytetra InjectionMetritis Enrofloxacin 10% OralPyometra Enrofloxacin 10% OralInjectable Oxytetracycline L.AOxytetracycline HCL for AnimalAmoxicillin Injection for VetsInjectable Oxytetracycline HCL20% Oxytetracycline HCl PowderAntibiotic Injection For SheepCeftiofur Sodium For InjectionFlorfenicol Injection for VetsAntibiotic Injection For Camel10% Enrofloxacin Oral SolutionSkin and Soft Tissue InfectionTetramisole HCL Soluble PowderVet Amoxicillin Soluble Powder2.5% Albendazole Oral SolutionSalpingitis Oxytetra Injectionoxytetracycline injection usesM Agalactiae Tylosin Injectionveterinary medicine price list100ml Levamisole Oral SolutionOxytetracycline L.A. Injection100ml Tilmicosin Oral SolutionMastitis Enrofloxacin 10% OralM Capricolum Tylosin InjectionOxytetracycline for VeterinaryTrichophytom Tylosin InjectionTrichuris Ivermectin InjectionSubcutaneous Injection Tylosin100ml Ivermectin for InjectionHigh Quality Levamisole Tablet10% Tylosin Tartrate InjectionTylosin Tartrate Injection 20%30% Sulfaclozine Sodium PowderAnimal Use Multivitamin PremixHigh Quality Tiamulin Fumarateveterinary oral health councilpovidone-iodine on open woundsVeterinary Multivitamin PremixLiquid Enrofloxacin 10% DosageLong-acting Compound Vitamin BVeterinary Tilmicosin PhosphateAmoxicillin Injection for SheepVet Use Tylosin Tartrate PowderOxytetracycline HCL for AnimalsSarafloxacin HCL Soluble Powder1% Injectable Dosage IvermectinMultivitamin Powder for AnimalsKitasamycin Tartrate for AnimalVeterinary Medicine AlbendazoleErythromycin Thiocyanate PowderTylosin Tartrate Soluble PowderAscaris Lumbricoides Ivermectinveterinary drugs for cattle pdfVitamin B Oral Solution For Vetveterinary disinfectant cleanerInjection Drugs for Farm AnimalHaemonchus Ivermectin InjectionVet Drug Oxytetracycline Premixneomycin oral solution for dogsAntibiotic Injection For HorsesAntibiotic Injection For CattleVet Drug Oxytetracycline Tabletveterinary antibiotic injectionoxytetracycline injection pricePrevention of Atrophic Rhinitis30% Metamizole Sodium InjectionShee Tylosin Doxycycline PowderM.arthritidis Tylosin InjectionSkin and Soft Tissue InfectionsRespiratory Tract Infection OTCAnimal Use Oxytetracycline DrugInfection of Oedemagena TarandiIntramuscular Injection TylosinNonspecific Urethritis Oxytetra50% Metamizole Sodium InjectionStreptococcus Tylosin InjectionMycoplasma Purification TylosinVet Use Ivermectin for InjectionEscherichia Coli OxytetracyclinePig Cattle Sheep Oxytetracycline10% Ciprofloxacin Lactate PowderHigh Quality Multivitamin PremixKlebsiella Enrofloxacin 10% OralVeterinary Solution Disinfectantoxytetracycline dosage for goatsApramycin Sulfate Soluble PowderIvermectin parasitic entomopathyVitamin AD3E Injection for HorseVeterinary Medicine Raw MaterialMycoplasma Hyopneumoniae TylosinGoats Tylosin Doxycycline PowderAnti-inflammatory Drugs Flunixin100ml Animal Use Oxytetracyclineivermectin dosage for dogs ticksslow acting antimicrobial agentsivermectin for dogs side effectsdisinfection of breeding groundsOxytetracyclin HCL for InjectionStaphylococcus Tylosin Injection100ml Tylosin Tartrate InjectionTilmicosin Phosphate Oral LiquidCiprofloxacin Oral Solution 2.5%Levamisole Hcl Tablet Veterinary100ml Enrofloxacin Oral SolutionOxytetracycline Injection CattleLincomycine Hydrochloride PremixGram positive bacteria infectionOxytetracycline As HydrochlorideSwine Tylosin Doxycycline Powder100ml Injectable OxytetracyclineAmoxicillin Water Soluble PowderSerpulina hyodysenteriae tylosinNutrition Forhorses MultivitaminAmoxicillin Injection SuspensionVeterinary Oxytetracycline TabletQuick acting bacteriostatic agentAlbendazole Suspension for AnimalEnrofloxacin Injection For AnimalApramycin Sulphate Soluble PowderAmoxicillin Injection for AnimalsFlorfenicol Injection for AnimalsCorynebacterium Tylosin Injection20% 30% Oxytetracycline Injection20% Oxytetracycline HCL InjectionOxytetracycline Premix for AnimalPowder Injection Ceftiofur Sodiumterra vet 200 dosage for chickens5% Oxytetracycline for Injectablehow to inject ivermectin in a dogTylosin Tartrate Injection DosageHigh Effect 50% Vitamin InjectionTiamulin Fumarate Powder for VetsCalf Scours Enrofloxacin 10% OralAnimal Closantel Sodium InjectionPseudomonas Enrofloxacin 10% OralM Gallisepticum Tylosin InjectionTetramisole HCL Powder for AnimalAnimal Use Enrofloxacin InjectionE Coli Tylosin Doxycycline PowderVeterinary Oxytetracycline PremixEnterobius Vermicularis InfectionCalves Tylosin Doxycycline PowderOxytetracycline Tablet for Animal10% Oxytetracycline HCL InjectionPrevention of Mycoplasma InfectionM Bovigenitalium Tylosin InjectionIvermectin Injection for LivestockInjectable Dosage Tylosin TartrateLincomycin Hydrochloride InjectionSulfaclozine Sodium Soluble PowderOxytetracycline Injection for SaleOxytetracycline Injection for VetsAnimal Drug Enrofloxacin Injectionoxytetracycline injection for dogsEnrofloxacin Oral Solution For VetAcute Attack of Chronic BronchitisAnthelmintic Drug Closantel Sodium10% Injectable Oxytetracycline HCLPoultry Tylosin Doxycycline PowderAntibiotics For Bacterial DiseasesDiscocercosis Ivermectin InjectionEnrofloxacin 10% Injectable Dosage10% Tetramisole HCL Soluble Powderveterinary disinfectant comparison5% Sarafloxacin HCL Soluble PowderHigh Quality Norfloxacin NicotinicAnimal Injectable Closantel Sodiumbroad-spectrum antibacterial agentmarbofloxacin injection veterinaryclassification of veterinary drugsOxytetracycline Powder for ChickensEnrofloxacin 10% Injection for Vets20% Erythromycin Thiocyanate PowderDoxycycline Soluble Compound PowderVet Use Sarafloxacin Soluble PowderAntibiotic Soluble Powder For BirdsPromotes Growth Multivitamin PremixLevamisole Oral Solution for AnimalMetritis Leptospirosis Tylosine 20%Animal Use Tilmicosin Oral Solution100ml Oxytetracycline Injection 10%Tylosin Tartrate Injection For Pigsoxytetracycline injection for goatsAmoxicillin&Colistin Soluble PowderEnrofloxacin Oral Solution for VetsInjection Drugs For Draught AnimalsRescue of Acute Circulatory FailureTilmicosin Phosphate Powder for PigVet Use 20% Dexamethasone InjectionStreptococcus Enrofloxacin 10% OralVeterinary Use Tilmicosin PhosphateAnimal Use Diclazuril Oral SolutionGentamicin Injection for VeterinarySalmonella Brucella OxytetracyclineMetamizole Sodium Injection for SaleVeterinary Drug Ivermectin InjectionSulfaclozine Sodium Powder for SheepTilmicosin Phosphate 25% Oral LiquidVeterinary Use Levamisole HCL PowderEimeria tenella and Eimeria virulentoxytetracycline hydrochloride tabletSalmonella Spp Enrofloxacin 10% OralChlamydia Tylosin Doxycycline Powderoxytetracycline tablet uses in tamilBronchiseptica Enrofloxacin 10% OralVitamin Oral Solution for VeterinaryNorfloxacin Nicotinic Soluble PowderPharma Vet Oxytetracycline InjectionDoxycycline 20% Water Soluble PowderPharmaceutical Florfenicol Injection100ml Oxytetracycline for InjectableMetamizole Sodium Injection for VetsTylosin Tartrate Injection for BirdsEar Infections Enrofloxacin 10% Oralciprofloxacin suspension formulationAnimals Drug Dexamethasone InjectionSupports Muscles Multivitamin Premixoxytetracycline injection veterinaryVeterinary Use Multivitamins & AminoFluoroquinolone Antibiotics for DogsTylosin & Doxycycline Soluble PowderEffective for Gram-positive BacteriaToltrazuril Suspension Oral SolutionLevamisole Oral Solution for AnimalsAmoxicillin Injectable for VeterinarySalmonella Tylosin Doxycycline PowderVeterinary Amoxicillin Soluble PowderMycoplasma Tylosin Doxycycline PowderInjectable Ivermectin Parasites DrugsBordetella Tylosin Doxycycline PowderAntibacterial Drug Amoxicillin PowderLong-acting Oxytetracycline InjectionRickettsia Tylosin Doxycycline PowderIvermectin for livestock nematodiasisHigh Quality Erythromycin ThiocyanateEscherichia Coli/ Salmonella/BrucellaHigh Quality Levamisole Oral SolutionHigh Efficiency Florfenicol InjectionAlbendazole Oral Solution for Animalsveterinary medicine list in india pdfOxytetracycline Long Acting InjectionPovidone Iodine Disinfectant Solutionneomycin oral solution tractor supplyEnrofloxacin Injection for VeterinaryPulmonary Abscess Anaerobic PneumoniaTop Quality Albendazole Oral SolutionHaemophilus Tylosin Doxycycline PowderHigh Quality Oxytetracycline InjectionOxytetracycline HCL Injection for VetsDoxycycline & Colistin Compound PowderBroad-spectrum Antibacterial Agent PetPneumonia 5% Oxytetracycline InjectionSynthetic Drugs For Bacterial DiseasesDexamethasone Injection for VeterinaryGastro Enteritis Enrofloxacin 10% OralVeterinary Poultry Medicine DiclazurilVeterinary Poultry Medicine TilmicosinMetamizole Sodium Injection for CattleVeterinary Pharmaceutical Raw MaterialPasteurella Tylosin Doxycycline PowderDiclofenac Sodium Injection for CattleTylosin Tartrate Injection for PoultryOxytetracycline L.A. Injection for Vet25% Tilmicosin Phosphate Oral SolutionAnimal Use Ciprofloxacin Oral Solution100ml Tilmicosin Oral Solution for VetBronchopneumonia Enrofloxacin 10% OralHigh Quality Enrofloxacin Oral Solution10% Kitasamycin Tartrate Soluble PowderPneumonia Pneumo-enteritis Tylosine 20%Staphyloccus Tylosin Doxycycline PowderChronic Pyelonephritis Cystitis TyphoidAmoxicillin Antibacterial Injection 10%oxytetracycline hydrochloride for birdsInjectable Tylosin Tartrate for AnimalsCiprofloxacin Lactate Soluble Powder 2%Metamizole Sodium Injection for Animalsciprofloxacin 250mg/5ml oral suspensionDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate InjectionOxytetracycline Injection 10% for CattlePinworm Levamisole Hydrochloride TabletsPharmaceutical Oxytetracycline InjectionEffective for Coccidia Toxoplasma GondiiOxytetracycline Injection for Animal UseOxytetracycline HCL Injection for Animal5% Oxytetracycline Long Acting InjectionRescue of Chronic Recurrent PancreatitisTylosin Tartrate Injection of MACROLIDESCiprofloxacin Lactate Soluble Powder 10%10% OXYTETRACYCLINE Injection 100ml BullHigh Quality Tilmicosin Phosphate PremixBetter Quality Oxytetracycline InjectionCampylobacter Tylosin Doxycycline PowderTreponema Spp Tylosin Doxycycline PowderMycoplasma Powder of Tylosin Doxycyclineoxytetracycline hydrochloride liquid vetStreptococcus Tylosin Doxycycline PowderInfection Caused by Mycoplasma Pneumoniae10% OXYTETRACYCLINE Injection 100ml Cameleffective for most Gram-positive bacteriaoxytetracycline injection veterinary uses10% Oxytetracycline Long Acting InjectionAnimal Use Enrofloxacin For Oral SolutionBetter Quality Oxytetracycline & Flunixinlong acting oxytetracycline dosage cattle10% OXYTETRACYCLINE Injection 100ml Sheepoxytetracycline hydrochloride tablet usesClosantel Sodium Injection for VeterinaryVeterinary Use Closantel Sodium InjectionAntibiotic Drug Oxytetracycline InjectionLong Acting Oxytetracycline Hcl InjectionHigh Quality Levamisole Tablet VeterinaryOxytetracycline Injectable for VeterinaryAscaris Gallinarum and Capillaria ObturataPharmaceutical Drug Enrofloxacin InjectionPharmaceutical Medicine Amoxicillin PowderHot and septic infectious disease of gooseVeterinary Drug Amoxicillin Soluble PowderDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate for AnimalsAnimal Medicine Tylosin Tartrate InjectionRespiratory Infections Tylosin DoxycyclineLincomycin Hydrochloride Soluble InjectionPowder Injection Ceftiofur Sodium For DogsVeterinary Medicine Oxytetracycline PowderPharmaceutical Injectable Dosage IvermectinLeptospirosis 10% Oxytetracycline InjectionTilmicosin Phosphate Oral Solution for VetsPowder Injection Ceftiofur Sodium For SheepPowder Injection Ceftiofur Sodium For AnimalBetter Quality 10% Oxytetracycline InjectionBetter Quality 20% Oxytetracycline InjectionHot and septic infectious disease of pigeonseffective for coccidia and Toxoplasma gondiiLevamisole Hydrochloride Tablets of HookwormCalf Diphtheria/ Mastitis/ Arthritis/Footrotoxytetracycline injection dosage for chickensSheep: Gastrointestinal Roundworms IvermectinAscaris Lumbricoides Levamisole HydrochloridePharmaceutical Drugs Albendazole Oral SolutionIntestinal Diseases Tylosin Tartrate InjectionCattle: Gastrointestinal Roundworms IvermectinPleuropneumoniae 10% Oxytetracycline InjectionPharmaceutical Drug Closantel Sodium InjectionPneumonia Gastro-enteritis SULFADIMERAZINE 33%Respiratory Diseases Tylosin Tartrate InjectionHot and septic infectious disease of wild birdsGastrointestinal Infections Tylosin Doxycycline10% Oxytetracycline HCL Injection for VeterinaryMotor System Diseases Tylosin Tartrate InjectionAgainst Gram-negative and Gram-positive BacteriaBacterial Enteritis 5% Oxytetracycline Injectione foE. arloigni and E. faurei in sheep and goats1% Ivermectin Camels: Gastrointestinal Roundworms10% Enrofloxacin Injection For Livestock Medicineessential healthymouth anti-plaque water additivePasteurella Multocida 10%oxytetracycline InjectionSepticaemia Mastitis SULFADIMERAZINE 33% Injectionoxytetracycline hydrochloride animal formula tablets usesPrevention and control of respiratory infection in animalsIn ducks and geese coccidia of the genus Taize and EimeriaPrevention and control of respiratory infection in poultryHaemonchus disease of cattle and sheep caused by ivermectinPrevention and control of respiratory infection in livestockoxytetracycline hydrochloride animal formula tablets uses in tamilpet::essential ™ healthymouth® predent anti-plaque water additive with cranberry for cats
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