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Shandong Unovet Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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About Us
Unovet is a G M P certificated manufacturer for animal drugs and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of P R C certificated No 2019 GMP 15051 the certificated scope are Powder Pulvis Premix Terminally Sterilized Small Volume Injection Terminally Sterilized Large Volume Non Intravenous Injection Non Chlorine Disinfectant Liquid Unovet manufactures and distributes a wide range of animal health products disinfectants anti infective parasitical vitamins growth promoters anti inflammatory analgesics feed additives and antioxidants etc

Categories and Products

Injection Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Solution Disinfectant

Veterinary Oral Solution

Veterinary Soluble Powder

Premix Veterinary Medicine

Tablet Veterinary Medicine

Products Keywords
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InjectionOxytetracycline for VeterinaryHigh Quality Levamisole TabletLong-acting Compound Vitamin BFlorfenicol Injection for Vets2.5% Albendazole Oral SolutionLiquid Enrofloxacin 10% DosageVeterinary Tilmicosin PhosphateKitasamycin Tartrate for AnimalAnimal Use Oxytetracycline Drug50% Metamizole Sodium InjectionSarafloxacin HCL Soluble PowderVitamin B Oral Solution for VetTylosin Tartrate Soluble PowderMultivitamin Powder for AnimalsVet Use Tylosin Tartrate PowderVeterinary Medicine AlbendazoleOxytetracycline HCL for AnimalsVet Drug Oxytetracycline PremixAmoxicillin Injection for Sheep30% Metamizole Sodium Injection1% Injectable Dosage IvermectinErythromycin Thiocyanate PowderVet Drug Oxytetracycline TabletPrevention of Atrophic Rhinitis100ml Injectable Oxytetracycline100ml Animal Use OxytetracyclineLincomycine Hydrochloride PremixOxytetracycline As HydrochlorideOxytetracycline Injection CattleOxytetracyclin HCL for Injection100ml Tylosin Tartrate InjectionVet Use Ivermectin for InjectionVeterinary Medicine Raw MaterialVeterinary Solution DisinfectantAmoxicillin Injection SuspensionVitamin AD3E Injection for HorseHigh Quality Multivitamin PremixTilmicosin Phosphate Oral LiquidPig Cattle Sheep Oxytetracycline10% Ciprofloxacin Lactate PowderAmoxicillin Water Soluble PowderApramycin Sulfate Soluble PowderCiprofloxacin Oral Solution 2.5%0.5% Ivermectin Pour-on SolutionEscherichia Coli Oxytetracycline100ml Enrofloxacin Oral SolutionHigh Effect 50% Vitamin Injection20% 30% Oxytetracycline InjectionEnrofloxacin Injection For AnimalApramycin Sulphate Soluble PowderAnimal Use Enrofloxacin Injection20% Oxytetracycline HCL Injection10% Oxytetracycline HCL InjectionTetramisole HCL Powder for AnimalVeterinary Oxytetracycline PremixAnimal Closantel Sodium InjectionAlbendazole Suspension for AnimalAmoxicillin Injection for AnimalsOxytetracycline Tablet for Animal5% Oxytetracycline for InjectableTylosin Tartrate Injection DosageOxytetracycline Premix for AnimalFlorfenicol Injection for AnimalsTiamulin Fumarate Powder for VetsVeterinary Oxytetracycline TabletInjectable Dosage Tylosin Tartrate10% Injectable Oxytetracycline HCLAnimal Drug Enrofloxacin Injection5% Sarafloxacin HCL Soluble PowderAnthelmintic Drug Closantel SodiumEnrofloxacin 10% Injectable Dosage10% Tetramisole HCL Soluble PowderAnimal Injectable Closantel SodiumOxytetracycline Injection for VetsSulfaclozine Sodium Soluble PowderEnrofloxacin Oral Solution for VetIvermectin Injection for LivestockLincomycin Hydrochloride InjectionOxytetracycline Injection for SaleHigh Quality Norfloxacin NicotinicSalmonella Brucella OxytetracyclineEnrofloxacin 10% Injection for VetsVet Use Sarafloxacin Soluble PowderAnimal Use Diclazuril Oral SolutionLevamisole Oral Solution for AnimalDoxycycline Soluble Compound Powder100ml Oxytetracycline Injection 10%Animal Use Tilmicosin Oral SolutionEnrofloxacin Oral Solution for Vets20% Erythromycin Thiocyanate PowderMetritis Leptospirosis Tylosine 20%Vet Use 20% Dexamethasone InjectionGentamicin Injection for VeterinaryTilmicosin Phosphate Powder for PigVeterinary Use Tilmicosin PhosphateAmoxicillin&Colistin Soluble PowderOxytetracycline Powder for ChickensPharmaceutical Florfenicol InjectionToltrazuril Suspension Oral SolutionLevamisole Oral Solution for AnimalsVeterinary Drug Ivermectin InjectionPharma Vet Oxytetracycline InjectionNorfloxacin Nicotinic Soluble PowderTylosin & Doxycycline Soluble PowderTilmicosin Phosphate 25% Oral LiquidDoxycycline 20% Water Soluble PowderVeterinary Use Levamisole HCL PowderAnimals Drug Dexamethasone InjectionMetamizole Sodium Injection for VetsVeterinary Use Multivitamins & AminoMetamizole Sodium Injection for SaleVitamin Oral Solution for VeterinarySulfaclozine Sodium Powder for Sheep100ml Oxytetracycline for InjectableOxytetracycline Long Acting InjectionAmoxicillin Injectable for VeterinaryPovidone Iodine Disinfectant SolutionVeterinary Amoxicillin Soluble PowderLong-acting Oxytetracycline InjectionAntibacterial Drug Amoxicillin PowderInjectable Ivermectin Parasites DrugsEnrofloxacin Injection for VeterinaryAlbendazole Oral Solution for AnimalsHigh Quality Erythromycin ThiocyanateHigh Efficiency Florfenicol InjectionHigh Quality Levamisole Oral SolutionTop Quality Albendazole Oral SolutionEscherichia Coli/ Salmonella/BrucellaDiclofenac Sodium Injection for Cattle25% Tilmicosin Phosphate Oral SolutionAnimal Use Ciprofloxacin Oral SolutionVeterinary Poultry Medicine DiclazurilDexamethasone Injection for VeterinaryOxytetracycline HCL Injection for Vets100ml Tilmicosin Oral Solution for VetVeterinary Poultry Medicine TilmicosinMetamizole Sodium Injection for CattleHigh Quality Oxytetracycline InjectionDoxycycline & Colistin Compound PowderPneumonia 5% Oxytetracycline InjectionVeterinary Pharmaceutical Raw MaterialOxytetracycline L.A. Injection for VetPneumonia Pneumo-enteritis Tylosine 20%Amoxicillin Antibacterial Injection 10%Ciprofloxacin Lactate Soluble Powder 2%Injectable Tylosin Tartrate for AnimalsMetamizole Sodium Injection for Animals10% Kitasamycin Tartrate Soluble PowderHigh Quality Enrofloxacin Oral SolutionOxytetracycline Injection for Animal UsePharmaceutical Oxytetracycline InjectionOxytetracycline HCL Injection for AnimalCiprofloxacin Lactate Soluble Powder 10%Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection5% Oxytetracycline Long Acting InjectionOxytetracycline Injection 10% for CattleBetter Quality Oxytetracycline InjectionHigh Quality Tilmicosin Phosphate PremixAntibiotic Drug Oxytetracycline InjectionBetter Quality Oxytetracycline & FlunixinLong Acting Oxytetracycline Hcl InjectionOxytetracycline Injectable for VeterinaryHigh Quality Levamisole Tablet VeterinaryVeterinary Use Closantel Sodium InjectionAnimal Use Enrofloxacin for Oral SolutionClosantel Sodium Injection for Veterinary10% Oxytetracycline Long Acting InjectionPharmaceutical Medicine Amoxicillin PowderLincomycin Hydrochloride Soluble InjectionVeterinary Medicine Oxytetracycline PowderIvermectin Pour-on Solution for VeterinaryVeterinary Drug Amoxicillin Soluble PowderAnimal Medicine Tylosin Tartrate InjectionDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate for AnimalsPharmaceutical Drug Enrofloxacin InjectionPharmaceutical Injectable Dosage IvermectinTilmicosin Phosphate Oral Solution for VetsLeptospirosis 10% Oxytetracycline InjectionCalf Diphtheria/ Mastitis/ Arthritis/FootrotBetter Quality 10% Oxytetracycline InjectionBetter Quality 20% Oxytetracycline InjectionSheep: Gastrointestinal Roundworms IvermectinIntestinal Diseases Tylosin Tartrate InjectionPharmaceutical Drug Closantel Sodium InjectionPneumonia Gastro-enteritis SULFADIMERAZINE 33%Cattle: Gastrointestinal Roundworms IvermectinPleuropneumoniae 10% Oxytetracycline InjectionPharmaceutical Drugs Albendazole Oral SolutionRespiratory Diseases Tylosin Tartrate InjectionMotor System Diseases Tylosin Tartrate Injection10% Oxytetracycline HCL Injection for VeterinaryBacterial Enteritis 5% Oxytetracycline InjectionAgainst Gram-negative and Gram-positive Bacteria10% Enrofloxacin Injection For Livestock Medicine1% Ivermectin Camels: Gastrointestinal RoundwormsPasteurella Multocida 10%oxytetracycline InjectionSepticaemia Mastitis SULFADIMERAZINE 33% Injection
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